Diana Marua outraged Kenyans yesterday when she alleged that musician Willy Paul had previously attempted to rape her.

Willy Paul, who is known for his clout, had to respond to the viral news, which he did by posting a lengthy press statement on his Instagram page.

The Fanya singer claimed in a statement that the defamatory charges made by Diana, whom he described as a long-time friend, startled him.

The charge, he claimed, had harmed his job and reputation as a father and public personality.

The artist went on to declare that his life had been a journey from grass to grace, and that he had fought hard to achieve his goals.
Willy went on to thank his mother and musician Gloria Muliro for having such a positive impact on his life. With this background, he wondered how he could be disrespectful to women.

Willy also addressed another sexual assault allegation leveled against him a few months ago by another performer in his record label.

He said the encounter had punctured his thick skin and left him depressed and in need of medication.

He claimed that the court case was a weakness that Diana had identified and exploited in order to eliminate him.

He claimed the mother of two had used the gender card against him in an attempt to launch her own music career at his cost.

He then said clearly that he had never sexually attacked anyone in his life and warned that old flames could emerge from the woodwork to back up Diana’s claims.

He stated that he will take the charges to court. Check out the rest of his message below.

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