Willy Paul a.k.a. Pozze, a former gospel musician, has finally responded to allegations of sexual misconduct made by two women, Diana Marua and Miss P.

Miss P alleged that Pozze used predatory tactics to subjugate her and have his way with her.

Pozze went to court and obtained an order to take down the viral video interview. He has, however, addressed the allegations of sexual assault this morning.

“A few months back, a woman I really loved alleged that I sexually attacked her over a disagreement we had at the studio about some work we’re doing together.”

That was the first stone to pierce my tough exterior. I felt deceived because I was depressed and was still on medicine. I’m feeling exposed. I am unable to speak further because the case is still pending in court.”

Diana Marua has accused Pozee of attempted rape, alleging that he kidnapped her, confined her in his car, handcuffed and suffocated her while sexually assaulting her.

Pozee was surprised and let her go after she fought hard and yelled.

Read his statement below.


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