The Zora performance, directed by Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla, stars both well-known and unknown actors. Sarah Hassan, aka Zora, Robert Agengo, aka Fella, Ryan Mwendwa, aka Simba, and Calvince Kasuku, called Ogola are the main characters.

Ogola is constantly at odds with Neema, Milton’s househelp and the guy who inherited Chibale’s estate after Chibale’s death. After being enthusiastically welcomed by hundreds of young children in Nakuru County, the multi-talented actors were overcome with emotion.
In the video, the youngsters can be heard singing along to Zora’s signature tune and repeating the names of Neema and Ogola. On stage, the actors hugged each other, throwing the audience into a frenzy. Neema couldn’t contain her happiness and dropped a tear.

Lulu Hassan posted the video on Instagram, thanking followers for their support of Zora. She wrote, “Mungu atubariki na awabariki nyote inshaAllah….. This is true love.”

Neema, on the other side, posted the video as well, with the description “This is what we call loveAsanteni sana na tubarikiwe pamoja (many thanks; may we all be blessed)”


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