Security sources told The Nile Post that the Uganda Parliament was the primary target of yesterday’s bomb blast on Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala.

Hundreds of people were injured and property was destroyed when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded near Raja Chambers, which is within spitting distance of Parliament.

The information obtained thus far from one of the accused suspects, Musa Mudasiri, has now been confirmed by sources to The Nile Post.

Mudasiri, who died of his injuries shortly after being apprehended in Bwaise yesterday, told security that Parliament was their main goal.

According to those familiar with the inquiry, “he confessed that they have been plotting to target Parliament since it is a crucial installation.”

According to sources, the suicide bomber, identified by President Museveni as Wanjusi Abdalla, was charged with this mission.

However, it’s possible that he changed his mind and decided to blow the explosives near Raja  Chambers.

“The MPs were chosen as the target because it would garner more attention,” the source explained.

Parliament’s security has been tightened up, and the deputy speaker cancelled a scheduled plenary session yesterday.

Kampala was thrown into disarray yesterday when two explosives went off at the same time, killing six people, including three suspected terrorists. According to police, at least 30 persons were hurt.

Security sources also told The inside254 that a number of bomb schemes are in the works and warned the public to stay watchful.

Terrorists are likely to target populated areas for maximum impact, according to sources.

Security was still combing the areas where the devices were detonated this morning.

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