Meeting all requirements for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is well in progress, as nations contend to fill 32 spots in the following year’s exhibit on the game’s most noteworthy stage.

The opposition, which will be held from Nov. 12-Dec. 18, 2022, will be the last 32-group release before the 2026 World Cup across North America extends to 48 groups. Qatar got its compartment way back in December 2010, a bid interaction that has since been covered in debate. As far as distribution of different compartments, 13 spots go to Europe, five go to Africa, four and a half go to both Asia and South America, three and a half go to North and Central America and the Caribbean, and half to the Oceania district.

Those “half” spots acquired by groups send them to a couple of intercontinental end of the season games for the last two spots in the field. It has not really set in stone what locales will be combined for the end of the season games.

With the passing cycle occurring at various speeds across the world because of the effects of the Covid pandemic, by far most of the main billets being secured are emerging from Europe.

Most of the field will be set in March in front of the April 1 draw, while the two victors of the between confederation end of the season games still up in the air in June.

Here’s who has equipped for the 2022 World Cup and where qualifying represents those as yet competing for compartments.

Qualified Teams

  • Qatar (have country)
  • Germany (UEFA Group J Winner) on Oct. 11
  • Denmark (UEFA Group F Winner) on Oct. 12
  • Brazil (One of CONMEBOL’s main four groups) on Nov. 11
  • Belgium (UEFA Group E Winner) on Nov. 13
  • France (UEFA Group D Winner) on Nov. 13
  • Serbia (UEFA Group A Winner) on Nov. 14
  • Spain (UEFA Group B Winner) on Nov. 14
  • Croatia (UEFA Group H Winner) on Nov. 14
  • Switzerland (UEFA Group C Winner) on Nov. 15
  • Britain (UEFA Group I Winner) on Nov. 15
  • Netherlands (UEFA Group G Winner) on Nov. 16
  • Argentina (One of CONMEBOL’s main four groups) on Nov. 16

More qualifications to come, as time goes bye. Best of luck to African team.

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