Artist Bien Baraza of the Sauti Sol band has freely couldn’t help contradicting jokester Eric Omondi’s idea that the Kenyan music scene is on its deathbed.

In a meeting with Jalang’o TV, he conceded however, that media outlets is yet to recuperate from the impacts of Covid-19.

“Specialists have endured since the economy was closed down,” he clarified.

“What used to be our greatest income worker was shut. In any case, this doesn’t imply that the music scene is dead.”

Bien added: “Eric Omondi has no power to talk on the Kenyan amusement scene since he’s never constructed a venture in Kenyan craftsmanship. He phantoms projects.

He leases an office, he leases a house, he simply does a great deal of phantom ventures, and he is making a ton of commotion so he is apparent, however there is no substance in the thing he is attempting to say. He ought not be kicking down the music business.”

The artist likewise opened up on his union with Chiki Kuruka.

“No one possesses anyone, not even in marriage. You should encounter your accomplice. Sex isn’t at the highest point of things. I don’t go out searching for somebody to crush. That is not who I am, but rather in case I am in where I see a stylish I need, I let it all out. I don’t possess my significant other, yet I am not in an open marriage,” said Bien.

Omondi as of late worked up conversation on the amusement scene by demonstrating that Kenyan craftsmen are attempting to rival their friends in East Africa and the district.

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