Uganda is performing great without facebook, says Museveni.

“A few days ago I verified whether bananas are as yet being delivered. I figured bananas would stop if facebook shut. I checked and I discovered cows are as yet draining and fish is as yet in the lake,” Museveni said on Wednesday.

“We can exist without facebook. Those one-sided individuals ought not trouble us.”

The president was on Wedesday talking at a capacity to invite the Ugandan group that took part in the just closed Olympics 2020 games in Tokyo.

As per Museveni, facebook which was closed down in Uganda in front of the January 14 surveys has not had any impact on the country from that point forward.

He demanded that the nation can capably work without facebook, in remarks that many have deciphered to demonstrate that the boycott slapped on the web-based media stage by the Ugandan government will take long to be lifted.

Ugandans access facebook through Virtual Private Networks(VPNs) after the closure of the online media stage in the country.

Specialists as of late cautioned that the proceeded with closure of Facebook in Uganda is having a cost for city space and computerized markets in the country.

“For an individual who is utilizing 100 mbs, who might be peruse for a day, utilizing ordinary web, at present uses VPN to peruse Facebook for very much like 2 or 3 hours, expanding the expense of web in the country,” Wabwire said.

Wabwire said that with VPNs, it is presently near difficult to target customers in advanced missions on Facebook in light of the closure.

“You can’t do designated advertising any longer, clients can not focus on the crowd of Ugandans for a mission. You can do that for customers somewhere else yet not here.”

Wabwire said that some VPNs additionally permit clients to utilize their workers in return for clients information which puts Ugandans in danger.

Godwin Toko, an attorney said that away from interfacing individuals and working together, Facebook is additionally utilized as a method for organizing for municipal commitment and obstructing it cutoff points such commitment.

President Museveni prior this year lashed out at the tech goliath is one-sided after it shut a few records of government allies claiming they tried to control public discussion in front of the Jan. 14 races.

It stays not yet clear whether the prohibition on facebook in Uganda will be lifted with time.


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