Jacob Ghost Mulee, the Harambee Stars coach, has revealed how he realized he had a life-threatening health problem while traveling to India to give a kidney for his brother.

The Harambee Stars coach went to India for life-saving surgery without realizing he was the one who needed it.

During an interview with Bonga na Jalas, he revealed, ”

“I had hoped to travel to India to undergo whole-body tests and ensure that my body was in good working order.

So I underwent a full body scan, which revealed that everything was fine.However, when I went in for an ENT test, they informed me that they had discovered an issue and that a sleep study would be performed on Saturday so that I may return home on Sunday.

When the findings came back, the doctor informed me that I should be grateful to God that I was still alive.

The doctor informed me that I had severe obstructive sleep apnea and that I would need to undergo a 600,000 dollar robotic operation.

My insurance company informed me that such illnesses are not covered.”

Ghost then decided to go forward with the procedure because he was already in India, which is known for its low-cost healthcare.

“My doctor found a way to perform the surgery despite the lack of beds and oxygen.” Everything went according to schedule.

I was given a chunk of meat’ that had been cut out of my throat.”

The surgery, according to Ghost, has permanently altered his life.

“I used to drive and fall asleep on the side of the road prior to surgery.

My wife would never believe me if I said I slept outside. When I was in a dusty room, I would have allergies.”

In addition, “The sleep study also revealed that I may have had a stroke if I couldn’t breathe for one and a half minute while sleeping because my oxygen levels had dropped to 73%.

My doctor told me I had to maintain a weight of 75-80 kgs for the rest of my life because I was weighing 87 kgs.’

He said, “I’m sleeping like a baby now.””

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